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Suzuka 2018
But it stayed dry throughut. We've wandered around a bit and have decided to settle at the hairpin for P2. An hour to go but it's dry, some blue patches appearing. Warm too, sun trying to break out.

[edit] (well after the days events) Incidentally, the hairpin isn't a bad place to watch a practice session, the cars are very close to the crowd on the exit and you can also get a good feel of who's good on the brakes / whose good on traction. Good spot to park on a a Friday, but I'm not sure I'd want Sat / Sun tickets there to be honest. This was as far west as we went today, I wanted to walk up to spoon but Mrs M was unhappy with the elevation changes to get from the S-Curves to the hairpin (be aware, there are steep hills and big flights of steps at Suzuka). If it wasn't for all the beer I'm drinking I think I might even lose some weight Big Grin
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Is it too early to say Merc are back to where we began they look too dominant yawn!

Thank god we have Moto Go to keep us entertained all is not lost
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So, no rain through either session. Not what we expected.
A few panos of some spots we were at today.



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I'm not the sort of person who would ever wear "merchandising" stuff, I think it is taking the piss to charge people 100's of quid to advertise for big corporations. However, I do like to have little mementos to look back on great life experiences. So, rather than buy Lewis caps and advertise a boring german car brand we decided to get these instead. Heh

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Classy, like it Morini! You should get yourself the rear wing with operating DRS hats. Might rewatch FP sessions, see if I can see the banter banner : P

Hope qually is intense and a good show for you!
I'm English, as such, I crave disappointment. That's why I support McLaren.
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Did you have the banner out Morini??
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No F1B banner chaps. Too lazy, you should all know that by now Wink
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Great weekend. That is all.
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