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Halo scope for interpretation?
(12-02-2018, 11:43 AM)forzaferrari Wrote:
(12-02-2018, 11:38 AM)Jody Barton Wrote: Yeah, there is a lot of scope on the aero side of things, still think the biggest issue will be weight for most teams though. I expect Merc, Ferrari, RBR and McLaren to have achieved the safety standards with minimal weight gain, teams won't be closing that up much during the season.

Am I correct in thinking any saving of weight can only come from the `mounting` side as the actual Halo is provided to teams by a third party?

Correct, you could add the amount of fairing they plaster onto the 'Halo' also.

As Jody says, the big budget teams will win this battle. I imagine that their support structures could be 3D printed. Open the avenue of hollow webbed structures, perhaps using cellular topology, so its light and strong.
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Essentially Forza yes, the halo is provided by a Dutch company, can't remember the name, however, there are variations on a theme, different types of mounting I believe. However, that isn't the issue, the halo has to pass weight and stress tests while mounted, which requires a beefing up of the monocoque, which means more weight. So the minimum weight of the cars was increased by 6kg, the likes of Mercedes and RBR were aiming to pass those tests and be under the extra 6kg so they could use what weight they saved as ballast for set up... and they along with McLaren and Ferrari seemed confident of doing so. Now listen to what the other teams are saying about it and you can see the issue, they're saying the minimum weight should go up by 10 to 12 kg. It's an issue for sure. Whichever team can pass those tests by adding the lowest amount of weight will have an advantage.
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Halo saved Leclerc from visor strike in Spa crash.

The FIA's official investigation in to the first corner crash at this year's Belgian Grand Prix has concluded that the halo saved Charles Leclerc from being hit on his visor by the front wing endplate of Fernando Alonso's car, can reveal.

Following weeks of analysis of video footage and data from the cars involved, the final report in to the accident has concluded that the halo did play a crucial role in saving Leclerc from injury or worse.

The report by the FIA Global Institute, the findings of which are revealed here for the first time, have given the clearest indication yet of how well the halo stood up to the crash.

For not only did the cockpit protection system remain ‘structurally intact and in a usable condition’ following the 58kN impact from Alonso’s right front wheel – with Sauber able to remove it without issue after the event – it also helped deflect the McLaren away.

Pictures of the accident captured by the FIA’s high-speed cockpit camera showed that Leclerc was only hit by small pieces of carbon debris from Alonso’s car as it flew over his cockpit.

Without the halo, however, the incident would have been worse – even though the front-wheel trajectory would not have brought it in to contact with Leclerc’s head.
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